Video Projects

I love working in video, whether it is overseeing a project, storyboarding, directing or working on post production, bringing an idea to life is fantastic. There is something magic video can do to deliver a message effectively.

Farm Credit Financial Partners

This on-location video shoot, seeks to show the unique relationship that Farm Credit Financial Partners has with Farm Credit Unions and Farmers. We chose to shoot at a flower farm in western Massachusetts. This was a great project. Farm Credit Financial Partners is the premier provider of technology products and services to the Farm Credit System.

Horizon Beverage—Meet the Maker Series

Horizon Beverage Company is one of the largest liquor distributors in the Northeast. In an effort to better engage with beverage enthusiasts, bar owners, and retailers, they decided to revamp their website and include a series of engaging and entertaining videos.

Named, “Meet the Maker” these videos told the stories of the “Makers”, e.g. the distillers, brewers, and craftsmen who create the products they sell.

Five Star Senior Living

For this client I worked on a show don't tell approach to branding by way of short videos that showcase "Just another day at Five Star Senior Living". These videos seek to showcase the pillars of the company and break the stigma around senior living care.