Vacuum tube art

It’s the things that are normally perceived as being used and obsolete that I find fascinating. This humdrum provides me with inspiration. I see new forms generated by a combination of elements which would otherwise be forgotten or outworn. My sculptures are the ideal contrast to the fast turning world of consumerism.

I am attracted to objects that carry historical significance—insides of old radios, televisions and car parts to name a few. I like to combine elements into creating new forms and shapes that re-purpose what would otherwise be defunct relics of another time. I create a piece of art after I find something I really like and am fascinated by it. One strong recent influence has been my interest in used vacuum tubes. I started building a small collection from antique fairs and flea markets, but a collection was not enough. I had to somehow find a way to make these fantastic pieces of technology work for my artistic expression. The orderly juxtaposition of found objects into art gives a creative sense of memory for the pleasure of the senses. Comfort is a release that is obtained through the gaze that these pieces of artwork may provoke in the viewer. The feeling that I get through an inward vision, and an outward expression, is what I want to share through these pieces of art.

The gift of inspiration by using something of one purpose for another use—be that artistic—shows how society has made place for the beauty that personal perception calls art. I celebrate the creative thought process that has gone through making these utilitarian tools that I have decided to re-purpose.