Digital strategy for aerospace and defense

Brand expression is everything

This was such an interesting project. I played an integral part in helping a leading innovator in the aerospace and defense industry move forward and differentiate itself with a unique story. Initially CAES was called Cobham, an American subsidiary of a world class industry giant headquartered in the UK. The branding had to change from look and feel to the actual name. I spearheaded all design strategy on this project with a new visual language, website redesign, brand guidelines book and a new logo.

CAES Website RedesignCAES Website Redesign

Always looking for a story

The engineers at CAES make humanity changing components. These components built by human hands allow satellites to revolve around the earth and GPS to be accurate. We explore worlds far away and strive to push further and further in our quest for progress. The passion I got from research conversations with these engineers went directly into the influence I was looking for when designing a new visual language for CAES. I look for purpose and inspiration in every project.

Brand Book DesignBrand Book Design
Responsive DesignResponsive Design